Kane Accounting


Accounting and Financial Coaching



accounting - Independent contractors

Stop spending 80 hours each winter gathering receipts to put in your shoebox and take to your accountant. Get accurate and timely financial information for your business. Whether you are a consultant for an MLM or forced into self-employment by the nature of your industry, you can benefit from an experienced professional handling your books. 

small business coaching - personal

Learn all you need to know about being self-employed. Payroll, guaranteed payments, self-employment taxes, estimated tax payments will all be explained. Learn how to set up a personal budget and account for your self-employed income. 

financial coaching - single issue

You've got a question. Maybe you've been through FPU but your one nagging question never got answered. Maybe you have a good idea how to set up a budget, but you are upside down on a car and aren't sure how to handle that. This session will address whatever issue is bugging you and help you figure out some strategies to resolve it. 

accounting - Start up companies

You've got the idea. You've got investors. You even have an online store! Now, who is going to keep track of everything? Fact: Your business cannot function effectively without accurate records. Avoid the expense and hassle of hiring an employee and contract out the accounting function for your new business.

small business coaching - business

You know how to do what you do. But running a business is a different skill entirely. Learn how to set up a budget for your business, establish an emergency fund/cash reserves, strategies for collecting payments from customers and other techniques to manage cash flow. 

financial coaching - one hour check-up

This session will look at your income, debts, and expenses. We will cover how to set up a budget in order to pay down debt and have more control over your money. We will also discuss strategies for how to handle your finances going forward. 


accounting - Small business c corporations

For the small business incorporated as a C Corporation. Keep accurate and timely GAAP financials along with full charge bookkeeping, controller, and lite CFO duties. 






financial coaching - 3 session bundle

This package includes three one-hour sessions spread out over three months. We will look at all of your income, debts, and expenses. Set up a monthly zero-based budget. Develop strategies for handling your money each month. Figure out what worked and what didn't. By the end of three months, you should be well on your way to becoming debt free and well on-track to meeting your financial goals.